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This estate property adjacent to Mill Lake is situated 10 minutes east of Parry Sound, off McDougall road, Ontario, Canada.
This property includes 2 water access points by boat, scenic rock cliffs, rolling terrain, hardwood trees, an extensive wildlife population and a new 2 mile road winding through the property.

Directions: 400 four lane Highway to the lst entrance to Parry Sound where McDonalds and Swiss Chalet are located. Travel east on scenic McDougall road. About 8 minutes travel time you turn north (left) on Scullion road and just before the lake you turn right on #3 Scullion road. 
These properties are privately owned. They can be viewed, by appointment. Call Steve at 1 705 475 2455.

Selling Price for the 245 Acre +-
 Mill Lake East Development Property package: $2,000,000.00 
plus HST
~ Look out Tower
~ 30,000 Island Cruise
~ Parry Sound Air sightseeing aircraft trips
~ The big railroad trestle
~ The salt docks
~ Downtown craft shops
~ The Canadian Coast Guard building & boats
~ The swing bridge at Parry Sound 
~ Waterfront eateries
~ Museum on Lookout Hill
~ Tim Hortons, Pizza Hut, Swiss Chalet, Dairy Queen, Walmart,
    McDonalds, Parry Sound Inn and Suites (formerly Microtel)
~ Extensive Fitness and Biking Trail throughout the town of
    Parry Sound  
~ Stockey Theatre of the Arts
This map is an overview of the Mill Lake East Development, highlighting the road network throughout the property. This road gives access to the many lots, that were previously water access only properties.

Cottagers that purchase Road Rights
each year to travel in are authorized 
to travel the full network as it is drawn
on this sketch/map. Cottagers and their guests must travel only on the travelled road as drawn on this map. Any road travel or bush travel beyond this shown road network is not authorized. 
In 2019, we were able to finish the South Point Causeway. We brought in 1000 tons of rock to fill the valley, and hired a professional rock blasting company to remove the rest of the hill. We have now completed most of the road to the South Point  privately owned water front properties. Some lot owners have already purchased road travel agreements and some are 
building driveways, cottages and
installing septics. Permanent road travel easements will follow.